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Graphic artist Kaisu Sirviö’s brush touches the movements of the mind, the idea of growth. Her arabesques and twirls are as well symbols of growth as reflexions of feelings inspired by nature. Large, many-coloured stone lithographs express brilliant sensitiveness, with which the spiral meets its counter form, the movement striving up from the earth and meeting the white sky of the paper. Life begins as an initial knot of mycelium and grows freely like a field of wild flowers. Sirviö masters her instrument through freedom, chance and intuition, but also by the openness of her colour scale. Only now and then the tones of lilac and magenta carry a gentle message of sorrow. Life contains withering. For man it is training to relinquish. The artist imitates the wonder of growth in nature, she uses colour sometimes according to the conventions of her cultural inheritance, sometimes directly as an atmosphere of Natura. The never ending play of strokes and the turning touches of the brush tell about fearless meeting with the grooved surface of the stone. Every leaf, spot, bloom, curve or stem praise the endless heritage of nature developing into a new bud. (Kuutti Lavonen)

Kaisu Sirviö received her artistic education from Aalto University School of Art and Design, formerly known as Helsinki University of Art and Design. Her works are actively exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world. To name a few, the recent exhibitions have took her to the Philippines, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Japan and Thailand. Kaisu Sirviö’s works are deposited in many prominent collections worldwide.